The Contest research of the Young Scientists and Students

The contest of scientific researches of  young scientists and students

  • Young scientists under 35 years old and students can participate in the Contest. They should apply online in the course of the registration.
  • An applicant should present a poster using the registration site. . The authors of accepted posters will present their posters at the Congress.
  • One author can present only one poster. Coauthors will not participate in the Contest and should be listed separately in the poster title.
  • According to the guidelines, all posters should be sent to the Organizing Committee as a pdf document. The Organizing Committee will print them for the Contest poster session presentation.
  • Author/co-authors should personally present their poster at Contest poster session.

The guidelines for poster design and format:

  • portrait orientation (840х530 mm); margins: 40 mm from each side; background of the poster –  light; the color of the text – dark; Figures and graphs should be in color.
  • Format: file Microsoft PowerPoint;  file name: «Poster_session_Surname of the first author_City_Country».
  • Poster content (The text should be in English or in Russian):
  • poster number (the block in the top left corner): will be assigned by the Organizing Committee; information about the individual poster number will be sent to each participant by e-mail.  
  • The title (the top central block): the text must be formatted no less than font size 70; author’s surname and name; co-author’s surname and name, institute, city, country should be in Russian and in English;
  • introduction: a font size is no less than 24 point;
  • aim: a font size is no less than 24 point;
  • materials and methods: a font size is no less than 24 point;
  • results: a font size is no less than 24 point; preferable is to be provided as figures (pictures, graphs, diagrams, tables);
  • conclusions: a font size is no less than 24 point;
  • references: a font size is no less than 24 point; no more than 3-4 sources
  • figures (pictures, graphs, diagrams, tables):  should be no less than A5 size (150 х 200 mm); figures legend and text should be no less than 20 point

You can use the poster matrix attached.